Why Boss?



You know the reality – most training that’s available to help your managers understand the right way to interact with their teams is hopelessly dry.  It’s a lost opportunity to connect on a higher level with the people who are going to drive 90 percent of your company’s success this year – the front-line manager of people.

That’s why Kris Dunn, founder of the popular talent management website Fistful of Talent, had a rare item on his bucket list:  He wanted to put together a training series for managers of people that wouldn’t put participants to sleep – even after a heavy catered lunch from Taco Casa.

Good luck with that, the naysayers said.

Well, we’re here to tell the naysayers we did it. Available now for your training pleasure is a great training series we’ve created for your managers called BOSS: Leadership Skills For The Modern Manager. Kris and a select team developed it across the span of a year with a few pilot clients, and it’s road tested and ready to launch at your company today.

We’ve got classroom training modules for your leaders/managers of people in multiple areas, including Goal Setting, Coaching, Performance Management, Change Management, Interviewing, Building Teams and more.

The BOSS series isn’t your typical training series—it’s designed to let your managers have fun while they learn a better way to manage the people who report to them. The typical class runs 7 hours and the materials feature things to keep attendees engaged—including videos pulled from pop culture classics, music playlists and exercises featuring real problems that will make your managers shake their head in agreement.

If you’re looking for classroom training designed to build better managers of people, we’ve got the series for you. Take a look at just a few of the modules available from the series, and call us for a quote if you’re interested in bringing this to your company this year!