Goal Setting

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Just Don't Bore Me
Typical Length: 1 Day
Ever wonder why so many employees are confused about how they are doing? We forgot to tell them what we expect and why it’s good for their career – Performance Goal Setting 101. In this session, we’ll explore why performance goals are lovely in theory, but the research shows that setting them spuriously produces mediocre results at best. Then we’ll move from the research and help your managers set up a practical, two-way interaction to help their direct reports set goals they’ll want to achieve (and actually do it!). If you’re hungry to improve performance at your company, this is a great place to start.

5 Ways Your Managers Will Grow from This Course:
1. Understanding the research - We'll teach them that how employees react to goals isn't random, it's based on behavioral science they see daily.
2. Knowledge on use of goal types - They'll learn how different goal types and the triangle of quantity, quality and command intersect to provide the right goal type for specific situations.
3. Skills for employee participation in goal setting - They'll be exposed to simple yet powerful facilitation skills for leading conversations with employees on goal setting.
4. Methodology for locking down goals after getting employee participation - We'll show your managers how to not be overpowered by employee participation/opinion, giving them a clear process on how to finalize goals based on their needs while maximizing the thoughts of the employee.
5. Facilitation skills in locking down goals for future performance periods - They don't know what to say to finalize the process and lock down goals with employees, right? We'll show them how!