Performance Management

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Good to Great
Typical Length: 1 Day
Everybody hates performance reviews, but you need them for a variety of reasons. Regardless of your format, rating scale or technology, this session is going to dive into the quality of feedback provided by the manager as the key to a meaningful conversation with any employee. We believe the keys to driving performance include the definition of the area being rated, how it’s measured, the difference between good vs. great performance and what’s in it for the employee to actually try. If your manager can deliver meaningful feedback and dialog in these areas, you win, regardless of the system or process you use.

5 Ways Your Managers Will Grow From This Course:
1. Understanding the importance of their role – With engagement and company loyalty at all time lows, the best path toward improved performance is a manager who cares and is looking out for the development of their employees. We’ll use the existing research to lay out a case for managers to think about performance management from a developmental perspective.
2. A “good to great" perspective on performance – A big part of being a manager who grows people is helping them understand the difference between good and great performance. Regardless of your system and technology, we’ll help your manager give performance feedback with good to great in mind.
3. Formulas for writing great performance reviews – Following our “good to great” methodology, we’ll teach your managers some simple – yet powerful – formulas for writing items within an employee’s performance review. This strategy is all about giving credit for good work – then telling them what should be next.
4. Understanding employee personas and how to deal with them in performance reviews – Not all employees come to the table looking to partner with your managers during the review process. We’ll train your managers how to spot specific problematic personas and help them maximize the outcomes of these difficult conversations.
5. Best practices in delivering the live performance review – Life is a stage and so is delivering a performance review. Regardless of your process, we’ll teach your manager how to intro, transition and close performance reviews like the coach they are – not a robot that was told to do something by HR.