Compensation 101

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems
Typical Length: 1 Day or Less
Talking about money can be uncomfortable (we know, you’re shocked), but failure by managers to effectively talk about money in the workplace can be deadly. In this session, we’ll give your managers all the 411 they need on standard compensation theory, then we’ll use that education to help them effectively deal with the five compensation/money conversations employees will force on them in their first year as managers. Once the mystery is gone and your managers effectively engage employees in conversations about money, your risk goes down, not up.

5 Ways Your Managers Will Grow From This Course:
1. A broader understanding of comp – Your managers might think compensation is more random than it is. We’ll give them the base they need to understand it is market driven in almost every in circumstance.
2. How to make offers – Your Managers can be on their heels with candidates related to money. We’ll show them how to be in control in the offer process – from the first call.
3. Meritocracy Inc. - It’s hard for your managers to give a 3% increase and be proud. We’ll show them how to direct conversations back to what’s in the employee’s control when annual increase time comes around.
4. Dealing with internal equity issues – We’ll give your managers the talking tracks they need to protect themselves from internal rumors and provide clarity to employees.
5. Dealing with external data sources – Your managers get blindsided by data found on sites like Glassdoor too often. We’ll show them how to engage in those conversations without being a victim.