Change Management

Change Agile Cover Page
Change Agile
Typical Length: 1.5 Days
The only constant in your company is change. In this session, we begin with a quick rundown of traditional change management theories, then rapidly move to merging those theories with Agile principles from the world of software development. The result is a more practical, engaging and inclusive approach to change – training your managers to engage their employees with a visual process to unlock ideas and innovation for existing strategic/team initiatives, or to fix smaller problems/issues identified by employees. Our Change Agile methodology morphs your Change Management approach from top down to inclusive – creating transparency, engagement, and better ideas to deal with change along the way.

5 Ways Your Managers Will Grow By Attending This Course:
1. A deeper understanding of change – They’ll get the link between corporate strategy and their teams related to the constant state of change.
2. Change Facilitation Skills – They’ll learn how to lead groups in idea generation/evaluation sessions designed to maximize change efforts at your organization.
3. Agile Test Development Skills – They’ll develop skills in creating lightweight, quick–hitting testing environments for any idea generated in the Change Agile process.
4. Helping Teams Embrace Change – They’ll learn to engage teams and transfer ownership of Change Agile tests to individual team members with high potential.
5. Speed to Go/No-Go – They’ll master how to lead an evaluation of tests being conducted in the Change Agile by making pursue/pivot/abandon decisions rapidly to maximize response to change.