Building Better Teams With Behavioral Assessments

Pop The Hood
Typical Length: 1 Day
There’s a reason most workplace comedies focus on different personalities working together – because most managers and direct reports fail to realize how their unique personality traits drive almost every interaction they have (in both good and bad ways). We’ll kick off this session by putting you through a behavioral assessment, then walk you through what it means – for you as a manager, for the direct reports you hope to lead and for your career. As a result, your managers will understand the value in modifying their coaching approach for the individual in front of them rather than a "one size fits all” approach.

5 Ways Your Managers Will Grow From This Course:
1. A primer on behavioral assessments – We’ll cover what all behavioral assessments have in common and give them a deep dive on the most common dimensions, setting the stage for them to use the data you pay for – behind hiring the right candidate.
2. A look inside – As part of our behavioral breakdown, your managers will better understand their strengths and weaknesses – and how those factors drive their potential as managers and leaders.
3. Using assessments as a value-added coaching tool – We’ll train your managers on how to use assessments as a supplement to performance observations, weaving assessment feedback into helping employees understand tendencies that may limit them if not checked.
4. How to build balanced teams – Each team is unique in it’s behavioral composition, we’ll show your managers how to use assessment “heat maps” to build balanced teams and understand potential conflicts between teammates.
5. Managing Up – Your managers are also employees, so we’ll help them understand how understanding the behavioral profile of those they work for can help them manage up and give leaders what they need – unlocking their career potential inside your organization.