Behavioral Interviewing

No Scrubs - Cover
No Scrubs
Managers think they know it all when it comes down to the interview…except they are usually terrible at it (the numbers don’t lie, people!). We’re going back to basics in this module, walking your managers through the best way to interview at every stage of your process, legal requirements, how to create behavioral interview questions that work, and most importantly, how to follow up and get what is needed once a behavioral interview question is initially answered. Expect lots of role-play and manager discomfort as a result, but hey – that’s how skill gets built. Does it work? Remember, Kinetix is a recruiting company at our core. We’re unloading all of our secrets here.

5 Ways Your Managers Will Grow By Attending This Course:
1. Comfort=Results –The more your managers prepare for an interview, the better they perform. More importantly, they put the candidate at ease and get better information. We’ll show them how to prepare and maximize their success.
2. An understanding of time of possession – The more the manager talks in an interview, the more they lose. We’ll give your managers the tools they need to make the candidate do most of the talking, giving them the info they need to make a great hiring decision.
3. Behavioral interviewing works– We’ll make your managers seasoned students of how candidates want to work, seeking to understand the behavioral DNA that drives every candidate.
4. Probing skills– Average managers ask an interview question, take notes on the answer and move on. Star managers ask “why” in six different ways and extract maximum information that drives the right decision to hire or pass. We’ll help them understand how to probe.
5.How to close and make the right hiring decision– We’ll show your managers how to be closing candidates from the first phone call (maximizing your offer acceptance rate) and compare notes with other interviewers to get their perspective and hire the right candidate.